Detailed planning of the production equipment

An optimally coordinated production system

All production areas must be planned in detail for the production system (factory) to provide the best performance with all its machinery, facilities, functional and workspaces. This requires process steps, functions and technologies to be coordinated with each other.

Workspace design, assembly concepts, concepts for production logistics and supportive IT solutions work in harmony to enable cost-optimal operation. This in turn ensures the company’s economic success.

This phase of the project is crucial. Any substantial changes after this phase are extremely costly and time consuming. Planning depth depends on how complex a project is and which award procedure is preferred (e.g. single trade system, large trade procedure, functional GC procedure, Guided Engineering procedure). If necessary, the detailed planning can be supported using a simulation. As the tasks are complex, Metroplan puts together an expert team which covers all the subject areas of the detailed planning process. The detailed planning, like general planning, goes hand in hand with the building planning process.

Metroplan - Approach and methodology

The client is the one in the know when it comes to their production procedure. Metroplan is experienced in the detailed planning of entire factories and plants, as well as in organising production sites based on efficiency considerations. We combine this knowledge with your knowledge of products and production procedures.

To make sure the final solution is as flexible as possible, we put the organisation of workspaces and processes, as well as the planned degree of automation to the test. Together with you, we use reliable figures, data and facts to assess efficient alternative solutions. This is both as a stand-alone solution and with regard to the overall process solution. The result is a complete layout for all subsections of your production, a complete production site, together with production logistics, social and office areas, a canteen, outdoor areas, etc. In short: we are general planners who plan an entire factory facility for you!

Beyond production and production logistics planning, we also organise other processes for you, develop specifications for construction (including cost estimation/calculation), help you establish a tender procedure and create the project plan for implementation.

Customer benefits

  • Full development of efficient overall processes through value stream mapping and design
  • Deriving and dimensioning of suitable, efficient warehouse and material flow technology
  • Greatest possible transparency in the planning process via a standardised approach on the basis of reliable figures, data and facts
  • Maximum investment security through integrated planning from a single source: General planners for production and construction planning

Your contact person

Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. (FH) Matthias Göke

Managing Director Metroplan Production Management GmbH
+49 (0) 40 2000 07 - 68